is this world news in your area?


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the murder of a wife and 4 kids in suburban illinois?

happened last week, the wife was early 30s, and the 3 kids were like 13 and under, the husband was wounded and told authorities that his wife did it...

turns out, a few weeks back same thing happened on an episode of Law and Order or CSI, dont remember which..

anyway the husband was brought in for questioning and released the day of the attacks...well saturday before the funeral he was arrested at the funeral home, and is now fighting extradition back to illinois (hes in missouri)

pretty interesting case...and still no word on the other 'local' missing lady who was in people magazine a few weeks back, but she used to take her car in for service where my brother works and she told one of the guys last year that if she ever went missing it was the husband :shock:
no, although the story of the murdered pregnant woman is...

i heard about this on opie and anthony
apparently the boyfriend was a cop who has kids with a couple other women, he was even in on the search until they found the body and arrested him and another woman they think was involved
yep made the news here, he was shot in the leg and all of them were fatal, it was only a matter of time until he was arrested.
I sure hope they got it right when they arrested him...otherwise I see a big lawsuit coming if he is innocent and was pulled from the service.