Basketball Is this real? (Farmar w/ partial logoman-artifacts)


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Please provide your opinion on this card...
I have seen a lot of artifact cards, but none like this duel patch.


please check out my card album... want to know how I am doing.
I just joined this site today.
77, thank you for the link. I sent UD a quick email. Hopefully they will get back quickly. Now, it's time to wait & see.

I would think UD would keep records of what type of patch/jersey is put into their low numbered cards...
I would have to say yes, because its only Jordan Farmar.
If you are going to make a fake, why not MJ, kobe, lebron or even KG? Why Jordan Farmar??? No offense to Jordan Farmar lol
I love Farmar lol
Check out the difference in the tag.. pic at bottom of post...

Any player on the Lakers has a huge fan base... that might be the reason behind picking Farmar.

There are 4 versions of thie card.. jersey & patches.

Conference Pairings (jersey)
Conference Pairings (100)
print run 150

Conference Pairings- Green Parallel (assumed to be jersey??)
Conference Pairings- Green Parallel (100)
* no print run listed

Conference Pairings- Patch- Silver
Conference Pairings- Patch- Silver (95)
print run 5

Conference Pairings- Patch - Gold
Conference Pairings- Patch - Gold (96)
print run 1

I emailed the holder of the card and this is what he had to say, "Sorry card is listed w/ my friend. 2/5 made."

-- If it is his card, he doesn't want to be responsible.. but if it is listed under his user name & access, then his is held responsible if found to be a fake patch.

There is a 1/1 version of this card... I would assume, that would be the tag, not the 1/5.. if farmar's patch is a tag, then why wouldn't ROY be a tag too?? Kinda strange..


edit: also check out the edging around the two patches... looks a little off. Check out the points... The ROY looks as if they are very sharp, while the farmar, kinda looks rounded... I do not have a very good photo viewer, so I can not tell.. but the naked eye shows a difference.

Check out the bottom left of the Farmar patch and compare to bottom right side of the ROY patch.. one is a point, the other kinda rounded... What do you think??
Go with your guts.
I have no idea! *clueless* :D

But your reasons sounds plausible so I am leaning towards a fake.
Hands said:
Go with your guts.
I have no idea! *clueless* :D

But your reasons sounds plausible so I am leaning towards a fake.
less than 5 minutes left $32 bucks.. think, I will pass it up.. maybe I can get my hands another one of the other /5 cards
yea I would have to say for the idea of "why would you fake a Jordan Farmar card?" "if you were gonna fake a card fake an MJ or kobe?"

THAT is what they WANT you to think...."OH IT's REAL who would fake that card?" and they say.."CHA CHING!"

UD doesnt use logomen on basic patch sets....and I would be SHOCKED if UD said that was a real card