Is this Jeter Glove Patch card real?


Bench Warmer
I am thinking about making this seller an offer on the card, but I just want to make sure it is real. Does everything think that is real? Or is it possibly a switch? Just wanted to make sure, thanks!

Jeter Glove Patch

Problem Is , Is That Fleer Is Out Of Business And There Is No Way For Anyone To Verify If It Is Real, So I Would Just Stay Away. Especially If It Is Not A Numbered Card Or If It Is Not #d Real Low.
The seller has almost perfect feedback with only one negative. I can't find what it was for (too old), but I can't see it being about a fake patch. He also hasn't sold any patches that look questionable. I would say real.

I say that it is probably real the seller has great feedback and has been around for a little more than 3 years. And if you buy it and still are not sure I say send it in to get graded and see if it is authentic.

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