Is anybody else amazed...


Bench Warmer how quickly everyone has migrated over here??? Its a true testament to how great CP was and how much better TCG will be. Huge standing ovation to all who made this happen!

Cheers to our dysfunctional family getting even better and more dysfuntional!



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we are far from having everyone over here, but we got a pretty good number for being live for 17 hours now?...not bad


Bench Warmer
I made it , I was wondering if anyone was gonna pull my coat. Thanks Kelly :salut:

I was dying a little the last 2 days , also Bama if you're reading this check your PM's over on the BMB or PM me here your address. Site went down before I could mail your stuff.


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Just goes to show how tightly knit we are. Once this site is up and all the bugs are worked out, should be tons better than CP! (and no worry about the owner not footing the bill! :rolleyes: )


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Not really surprised at all, a lot of this group has been tight for years. When Beckett went wack a few years back something had to be done & thus CP. Too bad the owner didn't care for it as much as the people who've used it since day 1.


I think with the site in the hands of the people that are on it most it will have the potential to be even better. Looking forward to some of the ideas to follow.