Is $175 a good deal for this?

Poopy Pants

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Here are some price of others that have sold...

Santonio Holmes--91
Chad Jackson--150
Brandon Marshall--102
Deangelo Williams--124
Joseph Addai--268
Reggie Bush--760
Jay Cutler--264
Jerious Norwood--450

So as you can see, they seem to vary. But personally, I think 175 may be a bit much. I would say maybe 125-150 at the most.


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I vaguely remember what those sold for the first time around, and he hasn't exactly done anything since then. I'd say 85-100 tops.


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Thanks for the input folks. Bought it for $128.95 delivered. Looking at it as a good deal, especially since text books cost much less than anticipated. Had a bit of money to play with, and play with it I did:lollol: