Insert lot for sale Paypal. i would go 12.00 paypal


Mr-Nutt the Veteran
looking for the best reasonable offer on this lot of card.
06 topps sports illustrated kids
tony gonzalez
torry holt,tony gonzalez
peyton manning
rudi johnson
lamont jordan
larry johnson
edgerrin james
ronnie brown
torry holt
antonio gates
randy moss
tony gonzalez
larry fitzgerald
terrell owens
chad johnson
tom brady
donvan mcnabb
cadillac williams
lamont jordan
rudi johnson

06 ultra
ultra stars carson palmer
ultra stars larry fitzgerald
ultra stars shaun alexander
ultra chievem,ents larry johnson
post season performers randy moss
post season performers ray lewis
post season performers jake delhomme
post season performers steve mcnair
post season performers edsgerrin james
scoring kings plaico burress
scoring kings lamont jordan
scoring kings matt hassellbeck
scoring kings joe horn
kings of defense derrick brooks
kings of defense jevon keasre
kings of defense jason taylor
kings of defense roy williams
campus classics nat moore
award winners ed reed
award winners marc bulgar
award winners curtis martin
campus classics paul hornung

05 ultra
first rounders insert joey harrington
first rounders inser joey harrington
first rounders inser larry fitzgerald
td kings die cut marshall faulk
td kings jamal lewis
td kings jamal lewis
td kings marshall faulk
ultra sensations santana moss
td kings torry holt die cut

07 topps hall of fame gene hickerson
05 zenith aerial assault carson palmer
07 topps own the game carson palmer
07 prestige passing league leaders eli manning/rez grossman
07 prestige turning pro demetrius williams
05 topps gold nuggets marshall faulk
05 topps throwback ed reed
05 topps glistening gold priest holmes
05 topps glistening gold torry holt
06 topps 8306 eric dickerson
06 topps 8306 erick dickerson
05 topps throwback marc bulgar
06 fleer stretching the field santana moss
06 fleer fantasy standouts clinton portis

looking for 12.00 paypal for this nice size lot just to get rid of them. would consider trade but i would only want a decent game used to be honest.