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2 cases of 2005 Exquisite football. I couldn't resist. Should be in on Monday or Tuesday.


Bench Warmer
BTW, just a story about an Alex Smith card that I used to have.

I sold it at the national - it was BGS 9 for $800.

It was .5 away from a 9.5. BGS wouldn't bump it, so I just put it out to see if anyone would buy it. And someone scooped it up for $800.

The guy put it on Ebay and got $1200 for it. I am so pissed. :(


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Lisa - Big request. If you pull any Reyes, please keep me in mind :pray:

Good luck. May the mojo god's be with you :dance:

- Dave.


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Keep me in mind if your breaks happen to suck and you pull a Kyle Orton or Taylor Stubblefield :) Oh, and good luck. I hope you don't pull them for your sake!!!


Turns out that Dave & Adam's cancelled one of my cases. :( I got the case yesterday.

at least you got your cases...ive got 4 cases of chronology in limbo right now. supposedly they were left on my porch by UPS. Some homeless guy in Oakland is running around with $7,000 worth of basketball cards! blah