In this thread I brag about an Illinois player (just because for once I can!!)


Rashard Mendenhall - RB for University of Illinois:

Started off slow:
9/1 against Missouri: 11 Att for 33 Yards, 2 TD

And since he's only gotten better each game:
9/8 against Western Illinois: 23 Att for 139 Yards, 1 TD
9/15 against Syracuse: 16 Att for 150 Yards (9.4 Avg :cheers:), 3 TD

And today:
9/22 against Indiana: 27 Att for 214 Yards (7.9 Avg!!), 1 Rushing TD, 1 Receiving TD

I think I've found my favorite college player :D

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Bench Warmer
Thank god Illinois came to play on Saturday. I was getting sick of Indiana fans thinking they are going to the Rose Bowl. :lollol: