In the spirit of the site, showcase your favorite Freebie...


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While I appreciate them all, this is one of my all time fav cards... I'm 95% sure this came from Plempa, but if I'm wrong I appologize in advance (has been three years or so :D)


Jason Fife, rookie foundations Platinum (or something) 10/10... Have NEVER EVER EVER EVER seen another (and I look :D)
I usually wouldn't point out on in particular but my one and only Chris Henry exquisite came from Mr. Jamie Salter. Even when/if I sell off all my Henry's, that one is staying in the collection forever :salut:
I'm kinda like Krusin, I've gotten so many truly sweet cards I hate to single anyone out, lest someone else be slighted. But I'm going to anyway.

Phil (phileagles) has done more for the quality and quantity of my MTSU collection than anyone else. Not only did he send me that sick Calico patch that I already posted, but he also sent me this...


Tyrone Calico 2003 Contenders Hawaii 2004 #9/10

He also sent me at least half of the Jonathan Quinn cards that I own. He's good people.
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here are a few of my favorites:
From Twisty for Christmas:

From Kelly (Lumm0x)


From Phillipe Igles


from Joey Villardo


the Red Refractor is from Joey V as well

the Aspirations /14 from Redandpewter

the Prime Sigs from Migraine

the Billy Ripken from Sliq

from Rima

from the late Great Jamie Salter


and from his royal Brettness


+many many more, this was just off the top of my head.
First off, I want to say that I love every card sent to me. I thank everyone who has ever sent me anything and I try my best to give when I can and what I can. That being said, Here are a few of my favorites:

From Brett. Seneca Wallace Ultimate Gold auto #d/25

From Bearfield. We made a trade and he threw in a bunch of Seahawk autos. Top middle: DJ Hackett Bowmans Best RED Auto #d/50

From Onyx (Aaron). He pulled it and asked me if I wanted it. I said yes. Next thing I knew, it was in my mailbox. Alexander Triple Threads jersey/18

From Sonicsfan or whatever he is being called now- He sent me this HUGE box overloaded with rookies, base, parallels, autos, jerseys, an 8x10 and even a T-shirt signed by Josh Brown!!!! I still haven't gotten over that one.

From ChadjacksonFan- Never would have thought I'd get a Kelly Jennings Ultimate auto #d/10 but sure enough, he sent me one along with a few other great cards.

My apologies to the last two for not being able to find pictures.:ban:
Haven't gotten a lot, but I do remember a few that really stand out in my head...

From the man up above (Kelly)


also this...I remember who it came from, but for the life of me cannot put a name to it. Does that make me an asshole?


from Chris; he mentioned that someone had sent one to him, so out of the it is:

I can't forget what Jason did for me when one of my whales popped up. Basically he handed me $150 and said "go get it"...couldn't thank you enough man.


Also to Mike V. My freaking hero. Without him, vintage for me would not exist.

There are some others that I know i'm forgetting, but I know EXACTLY which cards in my PC are there because of you guys. Best site in the world - BAR NONE.
way to many great freebies from all of you folks but here are a few.


from a bunch of you


from Kelly


From Mikey


from Phil

and there are many many more
Well since theres this other raider fan on the site who seems to get a good bit of everyones raider pulls its hard to

lol im just kidding i still love you kenny!! ( if i hadnt met kenny in anaheim at nationals last year i would have never met any of you cool mofos!)

but the my very first fargas ultimate auto came from a cp member!! i was so thrilled because it was one of the few i didnt have at the time.

hes not around too much and i dont know his whole id anymore but it was vssd something or other. HES MY HERO:cheers:

of course now i have all these but i will never forget the cool feeling i got that someone took the time to send me a free card.

i've had a few but
Favs Go to metallikat for the wes welker contenders

and bounty for the oronde gadsdens :D

but i thank everybody who sends free stuff... Scuba Steve Jbuck :cheers: