I'm sorry... I cannot ship your package...


NASCAR products are back baby!!!!! oh yeah!
Watching the scammer page (and reading stories on other pages and sites)... it occurred to me that I needed to have an excuse set up so if I wasn't able to send out packages, I could just copy, paste and post on the different pages and sites.

Now, I'm pretty good at mailing out packages, but being down to a one car family, I do have times when I'm not able to pick up bubble mailers, but nobody buys that as an excuse, so....

...Without further ado... here you go!

I would like to apologize to everyone waiting on packages from me...

This may sound like a BS story to some of you, but right now it is completely impossible for me to ship packages.

My third cousin, twice removed, past away on the 32nd of July, and the funeral home misplaced his body when they stopped at Wal-Mart for some last minute Chirstmas shopping.

The body was discovered in the Subway located inside Wal-Mart and we had the funeral on December 16. On the way to the funeral home my best friend ran over our pet Iguana that had gotten out of it's cage. The Vet's bill alone is running me $1,000-plus and the mental strain it is causing my Grandmother is costing me thousands for the therapist.

On the way to the grave site, I had three flat tires, and lost the muffler on my 2018 Cadillac Escalade. General Tires had to special order the tires I use and that will take up to ten days. Also, as luck would have it, it began to snow and currently we have almost three feet of snow.

I did try to pick up Bubble Mailers at Wal-Mart, but due to the snow, they are not able to get deliveries, so they have closed the store until the roads can get plowed. All postal services have ceased until the roads are cleared.

At this time I am unable to refund anyone as PayPal has shut down my account because I sell too many items every month. Also, FB will not allow me to receive or send messages, so I am unalbe to reply to your PMs.


Bench Warmer
Does this mean my Joey Clanotn race used air filter swatch card is going to be late? I really need this to complete my collection, before the SA-SAHBM&GW (Super All-Star Almost Has Beens Meet & Greet Weekend) I was hoping to get it autographed, and a picture of him signing it for me, while munching on a piece of Zaxby's Chicken. Sounds to me like you didn't even try, and are singling me out for some reason. I hope you are not expecting a positive feedback on this.