I'm on a Roll with eBay Issues


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I swear...I have never had issues on eBay before but this is the third time I have posted about a problem I have had recently.

I don't want you guys to think that I'm a bad buyer or anything...so I went back and looked at my history. Currently, I have a feedback score of 470 (68 in the last year) and have been a member since 2006. I have 100% feedback score (mostly as a buyer but some as a seller). I almost never leave bad feedback and I went back and checked my whole history and found 2 instances where I left negative or neutral feedback. Once was when I bought something and never received it and got no response to messages. Another time was when I bought an item with free shipping and it arrived postage due (and again, the seller failed to respond to any messages).

So, after some careful thought...I don't think it's me.

Anyway, here is my current issue.

My father is a Vietnam vet and last Christmas my mom approached me and asked if I could track down a pair of South Vietnamese medals he had been awarded that he had since lost. I guess as he has gotten older, he has gotten more sentimental about the past and suddenly wants to have all those awards that he didn't care about before. My guess is he threw them away years ago (I know that's where some of them ended up). Anyway, so I did my research and found a couple nice original examples and picked up the best ones. He was thrilled to get them.

Fast forward to today...one of my dad's old army buddies is in poor health and he wants to do the same thing for him. He thought it would make a nice birthday gift. He asked me to track down one of those awards that his friend received but has also since lost. So, I said I would.

I spent some time looking for a decent one. Passed on several examples that were in poor shape or didn't appear to be original. Then I found one that looked good. Looked original and in decent shape (a little tarnished but it's 50 years old). So, I bid on it and won it for a very reasonable $24. Had it shipped directly to my dad.

I was in town yesterday so I stopped by and since I was around I asked to see the medal. When I saw it, it was obvious it was a very different piece. Far more tarnished and worn. Different box. The palm was missing. Had I known this was what I was going to receive...I never would have bought it.

My dad didn't want to make a big deal...his friend "won't know the difference" he said and would be happy to have something. He also wants to give it as a birthday present and we are tight on time. But, I spent a lot of time finding a choice example and I feel like the seller basically baited and switched on me. I'm not sure if I should even bother contacting the seller because I really can't send it back...but I don't think I should leave favorable feedback (and it's unfair to not leave favorable feedback without at least trying to communicate with the seller).

So, I feel sorta stuck on this one.

Here is the item:

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I decided to send the seller a message and see what they say. Like I said before, I really can't return the item due to time constraints and my dad not wanting to "deal with it" but I'm still unhappy and would like to see what the seller has to say. Here is the message I sent:


I purchased this item as a birthday gift for a Vietnam veteran who received the award but has lost it over the years. I did a lot of searching to find a decent example prior to purchasing yours.

The item I received is not the item advertised. The condition is far worse, it did not have the palm and the box is different. Had the item been advertised accurately, I would not have purchased this item


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On the happier eBay note...I picked up a nice item from one of my main space memorabilia dealers yesterday. I have bought from many times in the past and have never had an issue...so I'm sure that one will go smoothly. :woot: