I'm lit at the moment and need to vent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I'm so tired of getting sniped on eBay. Absolutely annoying. Was winning a Weber Auto 1/1 with 5 seconds left and got sniped and lost by 1 dollar. Waited 7 days and was winning all week and then all of a sudden, boom! lost. It's happened about 15 different times. Almost tired of eBay because of this crud.
I agree 100%. I get tired of it also, I understand that eBay is about trying to get a good deal but the sniping is annoying as hell!
Well, I must say that I have been on the good side and the bad side of this. But there isn't really anything that can be done to prevent this, I have missed out on a lot of nice PC items because of this too, but I just try to keep an open mind and think that I will find it cheaper the next time around.
i agree thats why i usually just do the buy it now. yea i know i pay alittle more but at least i dont deal with all the bs.
I agree 100% with everyone. Just frustrating that I was leading the auction with 7 days left and within the last 5 seconds, I end up losing by a dollar. I'm better now. I promise. no more threads like these.
Don't we all know that feeling? It has to be the single most annoying thing about the hobby, especially if you've been waiting an entire week for something to end..

I'm better now. I promise. no more threads like these.
You won't catch any heat here for threads like tihs, plus every one else got to vent a little too, so its all good :D
Haha, got sniped again last night. I did make 'em pay for it though. What should've ended at around 8 bucks, ended at 26.00. :)
Yep I think we have all been there.
There was one day when I saw a very sweet deal on a full set of the 1983 Tudor "Huddles" 2" figurines which I collect. These are all over Ebay for the grossely super inflated starting bids of about $80 on the average with most starting at or near $100 LOOSE OUT OF ANY PACKAGING (they originally came either on cards, or loose in one of those bulk boxes that sit on the counter tops or end caps at the cash registers in stores.) Personally my top prices for them are $30 maybe $40 for loose ones and up to maybe $50 for the mint on card ones.

anyway someone was selling it BIN for $75 for all 28 teams I think it was a BIN or 7 day auction I forget the starting price. Anyway I "watched" it thinking I would pull the trigger on it later that evening. Was debating if I should or shouldn't. Then less than an hour later I checked it again and it was SOLD.

I kicked my self long and hard that day. It is very rare those things come up as a full set, and for such a decent price too. I should have known. The Seller had a comment in the description of "I don't know much about these I just need to sell them" UGH. They knew darn well what they had and set the BIN at their lowest acceptable price (I forget what shipping was it might have been free)