Im leaving this site for a while.


I rule at life
Some people on here need to grow up and quit acting like an a$$ about anything i say. So im out for a while.

Johan Santana #57

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It only took a freaking year for him to leave, you would think it would have been much sooner.

I'm sorry but posting how to get 6 pack abs

If you havent seen a pic of the kid, hes no where near having 6 pack abs nor would a few months of workouts give him some

So I told him check google for millions of finds.


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Bench Warmer
what did TOM really do besides refer the kid to GOOGLE? why is that so bad? this is a sports card trading site...not a Home Health chat forum

LOL how about LAY OFF THE cheetos...have you ever SEEN a pic of this kid?

good god LOL! he looks like Jabba the Hut and Corky had a baby


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Johan Santana #57 said:
Dont let the door hit you where the good lord split you

This is more of the post I was referring just instigates a response....and generally a negative one..... a simple "hope you find what you are looking for..." or something of that tone is more acceptable....if Tom's statement came from another member, that is different, but a mod needs to be a little more reserved...