Im FLAMING it up!!!!!!!!


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Since my gf likes Harry Potter, I figured this year for x-mas, Id get a head start and buy her some of the Potter auto cards.

For those that know the characters, last week I snagged Dumbledore, Neville, and Ginny last week.

The seller that I got Dumbledore from, I hit up to see if they had any more autos. They had a Lucius Malfoy and Ron auto. I ended up pulling off a trade for the both of those. Granted it was a trade in that guys favor, this is for my gf so it really didnt matter to me.

Now Im left trying to get Harry and Hermione. The bad part is they get roughly 350+ ea. Needless to say Harry is more important so Ill aim for him first while I have the money.

This project started last week and to think Im already 2 cards away from where I wanted to be by x-mas!:cheers:


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I got my wife a boxed set of American History cards from upper deck last year (she's a history teacher) and she just looked confused by the gift. She never understood it really. Hopefully you're gf understands the whole card thing.


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I dont think the original Dumbledore ever did an autograph for the cards.
The Order of the Phoenix set is just the one I happen to go for since most main characters are in it keeping the cards looking semi-uniform.

*nope* just checked, only the current dumbledore signed for the set.

There are some others Ill be going after but theyre not as important.

One set for the Goblet of Fire did a quad auto/costume of those that were in the tri wizard competition which was pretty cool IMO.
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While she doesnt actively seek out non sports autos like I do, I know she gets a kick out of them. The first one I bought for her was a dual Weasley twins auto.

I actually thought about it and if I can pull off getting a Harry and Hermione from the same set soon, I thought about finding a nice 8x10 of the movie poster related to the set and getting it all framed up.