I'm Back! ( I think) lol



Didn't leave you guys on purpose - had what I 'thought' was just a minor toothache turn into a MAJOR infection that landed me in the hospital, and all hell broke loose......
Yeah - wouldn't recommend it. They actually almost lost me at one point - so the moral of this is, if you have a toothache - GO TO THE DAMN DENTIST!!!!!! lol ;)

P.S. - I hate going to the dentist! (in case you didn't figure that one out yet) :D

By the way - got the box of cards from Ryan - thanks!! Really like 'em. Don't know if I'm supposed to post somewhere what I got or not, but just opened them last night. Just got home yesterday.......and those cards were one of the greatest things to come home to! Sure missed you guys!!
Wow that sounds awful! We are glad to have you back. Fill us in on your tooth when you have the time. I hope you pulled something good in your box.
holy crap! good you made it out ok. how the hell did it effect you that bad? :confused:

I have a malfunction with my ticker, and since I let the infection get so bad in the tooth, it got to my heart - and went downhill from there.....

But, all's good for now. I'm home with my bears, my cards, the hubby, and you guys, and I got to watch a bear fight last night - it was pretty cool!:D