If I see another football card, I'm going to scream



So I'm smack dab in the middle of moving... most of my stuff is at my new place, but none of it is unpacked, so I've actually been staying at my folks house the last couple nights. So in the course of putting everything I own into boxes, I've been finding a TON of football cards I had stashed away in my second bedroom and forgotten about. Normally that'd be like finding 20 bucks in your jacket pocket, but when you're racing against the clock trying to get your entire life into a cardboard box, finding another freaking stack of cards is the last thing you want to see. It's not just base cards either... I found a bunch of GU and autos tonight that I totally forgot I had.

I think I'm gonna have to put a moratorium on buying wax and cards for a while, and take a couple of months to sort out all the crap I've spent the last week packing and moving. I knew I had a lot of cards lying around, but I really had no idea it was as many as it is. I figure I could probably send out 10freebie packages a week for the next year and still not exhaust my supply.

When I finally do start buying again, I'm also going to change the way I bust wax. Instead of sorting cards into team boxes to be sent to people later, I'll just go ahead and sort the cards when I bust the wax and send them right away. Not only will that keep stuff from piling up at my new place, but it'll also get the cards into the hands of other collectors sooner. Basically send smaller packages more often.

I think the other rule I'll implement is that when someone sends me a bubblemailer, I'm going to immediately fill it back up and send it to someone else. Basically a speedier version of "pay it forward."

Hopefully those two things will help me keep my cards managable. Because right now they are certainly not.


Bench Warmer
I feel your pain. When I was packing for my recent move, I just kept finding them. It is like the just kept spawning in my closet that I kept them in. Finally I am in the new house, so now I have find where some of my stuff iswhich is going to be a pain again.