I will need to join the fat man group after this week...


Bench Warmer
I am at a teacher conference this week out of town, they hook us up with Breakfest, Lunch (w/cookies, brownies, etc...), Snacks which is bad enough.

Tonight I went to Cold Stone/Quizno's they were right next door to one another :drool:

These are two of my fave things, I called my wife and told her we are moving right behind this complex. I wanted to take a picture of me pondering which way to go in front of the two for my students but could not since I am alone this week. (I talk about both frequently in my classroom)

Regardless day one of five and I feel sick :cheers:


Bench Warmer
i feel the same way, i have been experimenting in the kitchen this last week and all of a sudden went through a cooking/baking phase.

made a cake, cheesecake (just now), cookies, baked chicken, grilled chicken, grilled shrimp, pork chops, and some pork stir fry (that was tonight, kept going back to the pan for refills)

i miss quizno's the one we had out here closed down and i'm bummed. cold stone is just DEADLY