I need your help!!! how do i sell my fargas cards??


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It seems like now could be the time to sell off my collection. Looks like he may have finally panned out?? a contenders auto is about end at 40 bux:cheers: I have like 10 of those and plenty of all his other autos.

So how should i sell? just list them all one by one and let them ride? if i do that what day/time should i have them end?

I was thinking bin/best offer for the rarer stuff....(1/1 elite, gold ultimate autos, multi color sp auths, leaf limited /10 and /15

please any advice would help.

http://s77.photobucket.com/albums/j78/deputyjaay/THE WORLDS BEST FARGAS COLLECTION/

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Sell all individually, space them out at least 2-5 mins apart, give shipping discounts and I do better ending on Saturday evening. I always make sure it is at least 6 PM PST on saturday so not too late EST and not too early PST


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i agree with having them end on sunday, either before the game, around halftime, or roll it for after the game...someone plucked my fargas auto out of my store about an hour after the game....


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if they play on sunday, i usually have the auctions end about an hour after game time, cause that's when people are most likely to go looking for someone


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my only advice is to make sure you dont have multiples of the same card ending in the same day, like phil said space those cards a day or two at a time