I need a translator


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Well, the good news is I get to watch the Hurricanes opener. The bad news is that it is off the Montreal feed, so everything is in French. Ever see a Bud Light commercial in the French language? I did....not impressed. I hear qaopwhgao[ghaoewqg ;qowgfhqo[ghqerg Hurricanes.......should be an interesting game.
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Hope the Canes take the Habs down for you. 1-1 right now.

Yeah, we actually got a PPG. I felt like breakdancing, however the PPG against us look horrible, our defenders were out of place and I felt it coming. Is the feed I am watching like that for all games in Canada? I am used to seeing the power play clock and there is no damn clock and of course I have no clue what they are saying so I can't figure out how much time is left.