I made it


Bench Warmer
Well I'm alive, my phone died on me this morning at 4, sorry I didn't return your text Jason.

I have a scar about an inch long on my spine now. I bumped some other guy, he was supposed to be the first surgery of the day but because of what they found on my back in the MRI, I bumped the other guy. Turns out I had a cyst that had attached itself to my nerve on my back. Not sure where it came from or if it can come back. They are sending it to pathology and hopefully in 2 weeks when i have my follow up, they will tell me what it is. Kinda scary when your doc says "What the Hell is that?" after looking at your scans. I almost backed out of the surgery because he said it was either a tumor or a sac of fluid from my spine. I was completely freaked out.

Spent the night in the hospital and developed a love for Oxy. they gave me demoral and that was like an asprin. i felt like i had been kicked in the back by a mule. still feel like it. the incision part hurts, more like burns, and the muscles around hate me. sleeping in 2 hr intervals, makes for a very long day. i think they bolted my head down to the table cause i have bruises all over the back of it and bumps. i have bruises that i didn't have before the surgery which tells me they man handled me.

the feeling in my legs came back though. every now and again i lose feeling in my right leg but other than that, things are looking up.

thanks for your thoughts and prayers guys, hopefully i'll be able to sit up more
good news is that the pain in my ass is gone, now i just need to figure out what that thing was that was attached to it is and if it can come back
Awesome news Cris!!! Hope everything returns fast to 100% :cheers::cheers:

i can't wait to get off this couch and do more than walk up and down the hall. stairs is my next thing to master, sober of course.

you were right, meds are kind of a joke afterwards. going through withdrawls sucks, i'm taking more tylonel more than pain meds, mostly cause they are downstairs and i can't walk down the steps yet. hate living on the couch though.
sounds like your procedure was way worse than mine...dont get too bendy too soon or you will cause more issues later