I love Julia!! 07 Elite Break


Bench Warmer
She bought me a box of Elite today. I haven't busted a box in so long. At least 5-6 months. I think I did pretty well. I have the greatest fiance!

Reggie Bush/Dwayne Jarrett College Ties insert 069/800
Mike Bell PTT Insert 111/200
Curtis Martin PTT insert 389/800
MJD Prime Targets insert 230/400
Bill Bates/Roy Williams BTTF insert 588/800
Joe Theismann/Jason Campbell BTTF insert 181/200
Matt Hasselbeck Elite Series insert 0807/1000
Chad Johnson Zoning Commission insert 0394/1000
Laveranues Coles Chain Reaction insert 178/400
Jeremy Shockey Chain Reaction insert 0018/1000

Tymere Zimmerman RC 342/599
James Jones RC 275/599
David Clowney RC Status 47/87

Selvin Young RC TOTC Auto 04/50
Mark Duper/Chris Chambers BTTF dual jsy 002/299