I installed Vista today...


Bench Warmer
I give it a week or two before you want Xp back....

Seriously though..I got my laptop during black friday last year. Was suppose to come with a free upgrade to the top notch Vista version.

I sent in my info for the free upgrade disc. They wanted me to jump through a buncha hoops so I decided not to finish it etc.

Then I heard at launch all the probs etc so I decided I didnt want it.

They sent it to me anyways.....:doh:


Bench Warmer
So far it is the opposite of what I expected. It is quicker, easy to use, two :cheers::cheers: so far!!

As to my system:

Intel Pentium4 3ghz processor
1Gig Ram
80 gig hd

oh, and I have Windows Vista Home Premium.