I have and idea / suggestion.



I was reading the who are we missing thread. Grant pointed out that Jamie is missing. That got me to thinking.........

Since we lost Jamie. What would the cofounders think of making an account in memory of him. Instead of where it says co-founder or moderator it said Legend or Immortal or something to that effect. I know he was a big part of a lot peoples lives here and at CP.

I didn't know him very long. But he made a big impression on me. I know he did the same for a lot of people.

Just a thought,

I have no problem with it, only thing is since nobody will be posting with it nobody will see it? maybe that is stupid on my part.
I brought the same thing up to Brett. Just create an account for him so no one uses the name. You could make the title Legend but Brett is right that no one will really see it unless you look at the list of members. I think we should do it anyway.
Too bad you couldn't program something to do a weekly post from him in a random thread. Something like 'Raiders still suck' or ???

I didn't know him so I have no ideas.