I got some bad news yesterday.

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I went to the Dr. yesterday to have the results from my last bloodwork and tests.

They said the cancer has come back.:(

I am a a loss right now and haven't even told my wife yet.
I was supposed to go back to work after Thanksgiving and now I cannot return. We have been struggeling because my wife's checks pay the bills (Barely) and my money was going to pay for Christmas.
Thank god for grandparents and relatives.

I just wanted to let my extended family know that if I am not on a lot or come off differently, PLEASE do not take it personally. I am just dealing with a lot right now.

I am going to be fighting like hell because my wife & kids deserve it. I just hate them having to go thru this. They deserve so much better and I feel like I am letting them down. :ban:

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It is Melignant and Metastatic

I went for a checkup because I was having migrane type hedaches that were making me sick. It was starting to really bother me in the neck and shoulder area and my left pinky and ring finger was having numbness in it and so was that whole half of my hand. It was also bothering me because my arm would go to sleep like feeling. They did an EMG and it showed nothing too abnormal so I went back to the other doctors.

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Thanks guys. I WILL get thru this! It is going to be hard, but I will NOT let this win! Just hard to not be depressed by this at this time.

I beat it once, I WILL do it again!