I feel the urge too bust.


Bench Warmer
I'm going to the bank to withdraw $100 now, and then im going to the card store to buy a box at or around $100.

Give me some ideas.
1 suggestion, haha. I might pick a box of Elite up, there were some good pulls in that case.

I guess I'll look around and pick up what catches my eye.

And, great post migraine. Keep it up.
Topps DP&P seems more loaded with goodies but lesser chance of a big pull. You'll get more mileage out of it and have cash left for some beers :drunker:
Donruss Elite was overpriced in my opinion at 125 (cdn), So I went with a box of 06 Topps Heritage. Which leaves a little money left over in my pocket.

Plus, 1 stick of gum in each pack.

Live Break Now.