I feel like a butthead right now


Bench Warmer
My nephew called and wanted me to go to a movie tonight, but I am in the middle of doing 4 loads of laundry right now, have to get them done before surgery and I would be shot if i left that many clothes to be washed by someone else, so I didn't go.

I just feel like a butthead right now. I haven't seen him in 5 yrs, he's grown up considerably on me. I saw him for the first time last week and he was the same size as me.

I just feel like a butt because I should have dragged my medicated ass into town to see the movie with him. I did promise him that I'd go to a movie with him on Thursday since I'm working in town and have to drive past his house to come home. I'm heading right over there after work on Thursday. I want to be able to spend more time with him before my surgery but it snuck up on me quickly.

Thanks for letting me get it off my chest
I know it's hard to explain to a kid, but if you are gonna be there on Thursday, that should be OK. Buy him an ice cream to go along with the popcorn ;)

Best of everything for you on your surgery, Cris. I'm :salut::salut::salut: For ya!!!!