I feel guilty...movie stories.


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I downloaded a bootleg of Spiderman 3:eek:

I feel guilty because when I wanna see something, I think I owe it to whoever gets the money to pay.

However lately, Im turning away from that.

Movie ticket prices keep going up, and here in Tx its nowhere near what it is on the east coast so I can just imagine.

Im tired of theatres letting people bring in infants to a loud ass movie they dont need to be in. They let the kids cry and dont take them out. I dont wanna miss some of the movie to go bitch to a manager about it because I dont wanna start a 2+ hr movie over to get back to that one spot.

People that get there and see the requests to turn off their phones and dont. People who talk and bicker during a movie. People that come in late, want me and my gf to move down a few seats so their whole crew can fit in one row together....NO, I dont move either, I told them they shoulda got here earlier.

If I could get through a movie with no babies crying, no kids flapping their gums, no people flapping their gums to each other or on a cell phone, I wouldnt mind paying 8.50 a pop. As it is now, Id rather bootleg it except for movies that really do need to be seen in the theatre.

Back when I was watchin X-2 or X-3, cant remember...we sat in the very back. The very last row was roughly 6 seats long, for those in wheel chairs etc so we were in the row in front of that. Granted there was more room and it was much comfy there, I didnt wanna take those seats because they werent intended for me.
Not long after we sat down, some kids in the 15-16 range came and sat in that row. Even before the previews started, they were geeking out on X-Men knowledge. They were wrong on 50% of what they were saying but I shrugged it off. The previews started and every once in awhile I could feel a swinging foot hit my chair. I looked back once and thought that was the end of it. Then about 10 mins into the movie it started again, so I stood up turned around and leaned into my chair and got in the kids face and said if another foot hits my chair or my gf's, Im gonna come back there and use my steel toed boots and kick the crap out of each one of your chairs so you know how it feels. Not another kick the whole movie.

While we went to see Ghost Rider, we were in a diff theatre but essentially 2nd to last row again. Behind us there was a teenage couple. They were fairly quiet but she obviously lost interest in the movie cause every few secs I could hear her giggle. Finally it turned into full blown convos. I had enough and walked down a few feet and leaned into the chair and got within a few inches of their face cause she was sprawled out in his lap and a few other seats and I politely said "some of us are trying to watch a movie, please keep quiet" and thatw as the end of it.

See, its stuff like that that one of these days Ill regret doing but at this point,I think its safe to say I cant miss these people no matter how early or late I go and I just cant enjoy movies anymore at the theatre.

The last straw was the opening day to Pirates 3.

9:45am first showing. There were alot of kids, alot of adults. Everythign was smooth till the previews started and some lady walked in with 2 infants, and 2 toddlers. She went all the way to the back row by us and sat in the corner.
The kids werent quiet, the babies werent quiet and that theatre was WAY too loud for those little ones.

No more theatres like I use to. Unless its a must see in theatre movie, its bootleg time or wait till dvd:salut:
i agree, they should have non porn adult movies as well...i know in chicago they have some upscale place that has couches and stuff, but im sure its probably $50 a person...
Around here its 6.50 for a matinee and 9.50 for a night time showing then if you want popcorn its 6 and soda its 5. It is getting ridiculous. :mad:
Some theatres in this area have a "cry baby matinee" for those who bring the kids. Why cant they all do that?
in Louisiana we just got Smokey and the Bandit at the theater and it cost a whole dollar to get in, and they make you wear pants! do not have to wear a shirt though, so I was alright to get in....
Lucky sods - costs me the equivalent of $13 to see a film - that was 1 year ago as I refuse to go anymore for issues similar to those above (nice thread).

I love my films and so intend to invest eventually in an appropriate system for my tv room upstairs in the new house. Just have to pass it by SWMBO of course!