I don't have a profile, so here goes nothing....


Week old post bumping extraordinaire
I'm Dave. 27 years of age. Fat, 5'9", 245 lbs. Like a Zach Thomas, but more fat and a bigger coc.....er pair of crocs ;).

Engaged. She's Theresa. If Randall was still on the site, he'd bitch at me for marrying a Filipina instead of screwing hot American snatch (which none find me attractive :cry: .... except a 16 year old that works w/me at the grocery store, but she's soooo tiny and I don't wanna meet Chris Hanson, sooooooo ......... )

Theresa's coming Monday, October 8th to America for the first time ever. She'll be surprised. Minnesota sucks (that's where I live, in Ely).

I collect crappy players that I've either followed forever or enjoy their playing abilities. I don't bandwagon (like jumping on collecting Devery Henderson, who does that anyways.....:ban: ).

Anything else, just ask.

- Dave.


Week old post bumping extraordinaire
She needs to show me how wide her mouth opens....:ban:

That's the other thing about me. I always cuss and am a pervert and Theresa's VERY religious. A big change for Dave :cry:


Bench Warmer
Welcome to TCG, enjoy your stay :cool:

and tell the little lady that I said