I did have a username when this site first started, I got another one and here I am


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Zimbow from TCC, SCF, FCB, The Bench, Cardboardvillage, etc etc. We should be promoting the heck out of this site. Tcc has fallen back in time and we should be boasting this one. I've already put up this site URL in my signature on different sites. Hopefully it draws some interest so it can compete against the bigger named websites.

Mike, if you see this, would there be anyway possible we could transfer transactions from other website? I think this would help with the MSF members, myself included :)
Welcome aboard Jon! To answer your question, we do allow members to bypass their MSF status if they meet certain requirements. I'll take a look at your feedback later today and let you know, but I'm pretty sure you'll be able to get off that restriction. ;)