I could have met Jay Cutler


Bench Warmer
So today I was standing next to one of the University Police honchos and we were talking about the football game. He is a former Marine and naturally we hit it off.

After our conversation he says, "by the way, Jay Cutler is in town and he's over at the stadium. I always provide the security detail for him when he comes to town. Do you want to go meet him?"

Sadly I had to tell him no because I had this silly unit barbecue to be at at the NROTC unit. So I could have met my favorite player.

The chance isn't over yet because homecoming is Saturday and Denver is on bye. I'm throwing on the dress blues and going to go sit in the Chancellor's Skybox. (The uniform can get me anywhere almost.) Hopefully he might be up in the skybox. I kind of doubt it, but I don't think he'd sit in the crowd either, so if he's not on the field, he might be in the skybox.

Wish me luck!


Bench Warmer
Cool beans. I hope you meet him too. I have a Cutler mini helmet auto'ed coming in within the next week or so. I have a guy in Denver who tries to get me all of the Bronco rookies, been buying from him for about three years now and he finally is getting Cutler on Vandy helmets. I can't wait! Kinda pricey... but he does great work and is legit and I have met him in Denver a couple of times when I've been there for a game. I'll post pics when I get it, but about a week or so out.