HUGE SALE! Need your help!


Bench Warmer
OOOOOOKAY! bI have over 10,000 super star NFL player ranging from 85-2005, RCs, base, to inserts.... I'm cleaning out the guest room to make way for new baby, and I figured I'd make some great deals for my fellow player collectors and any team collectors or hobby shop wanting to stock up on certain players!

All you have to do is foward me your wantlists and I will sell what ever it is I have that you need for this low low break down!

Minimum price: $3 shipped

1-5 cards 30% of bv shipping included
6-10 cards 27% of BV shipping included
11-20 cards 25% of BV shipping included
21+ cards 20% of BV shipping included!!!!

BUT WAIT! What if you wanted to start up a new player collection, or just want to buy everything I have! There are special flat rates! To obtain the special flate rate, the cards are sight unseen, but you get everything, including inserts! THE FLAT RATE IS ONLY .15 PER CARD! For example, if you picked out Jerry Rice, and I have 400 Rice cards, you pay 400 x .15 for what probably would be an easy $500 in BV, including RCs and inserts, if applicable.

Everything is being sold on a first come, first served basis, with a 24 hour holding period. If you do not check your emails or PMs once every 24 hours, you need to notify me, otherwise some one who wants what you want may get it!

You will not be disappointed with the flate rate collections! Team collectors, allow me up to one week to respond for less stellar players as I am still dividing my collection up. Thank you!
Hey Mr. Marinocollector (as you can see I am terrible with names and forgot yours already). Wanna go confirm our trade? :) Also did I get the Emmitts from you or is there another Emmitt collector here? If there is, can you give me his id as I have tons and tons and tons and tons of extras I am looking to get rid of.