How's Everyone Doing? Been a while.....



Sorry I haven't been on in such a long time, but such is life - has its ups and downs, and what happened around here sure was a downer....
In case none of you put 2 and 2 together, on CNN it showed the cop who shot 6 people, and then himself? That was 15 miles from here, and I gotta say, I don't think there is anyone I know who hasn't been affected by this. The first funeral was yesterday, and the FBI and local and state authorities are demanding that all media leave everyone alone....
I think it's simply because they won't tell anyone if the cop used his service weapon to do this killing or not.
My daughter almost went out with this psycho a few months ago - to think what 'could' have happened just blows my mind.....
Anyway, I missed all of you guys - and honestly, my first thought when all the cops were flying past my house on their way to the crime scene, and to Peterson (the killer), I wanted to come on here and do a post, cuz all of you are like one big family.
Sure hope everyone is doing great - and lmk what you all have been up to! ;)


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wow that sucks to hear ronnie

glad your daughter is ok though, i have become a true believer that things happen for a reason.

glad you are back and hanging out again


Thanks, guys, for the kind words.....

I knew the cop's mom a long time ago, and feel for her, as they, along with the whole community, are just so confused and baffled as to how the hell this happened. This guy was such a nice person, and there was never any sign that there was anything wrong with him.

But what really bothers me is that WI doesn't make any cops have a psych eval done before they are hired - because it costs too much. Yep, it sure did cost too much. Like 5 unanswered deaths, plus his own.

That aside, how's everyone's lives goin'? It's freaking cold out here!! Think I need my 'buddy' bear to keep me warm!! ;)


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Welcome back Roni!!! Good to hear from you again.

Dang, that whole thing with that officer was just soooo awful. I'll bet it's wierd to have all the news vampires out in your area too. Was not aware that was so close to you! Glad your daughter has some good dating sense!!!

Keep in touch, eh!

Ps.. our weather sucks too. It rained today :cry: :lollol: Seriously, I could never deal with that weather there! :salut:
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What's up Roni ? How are the Bears doing ? :lollol: When I heard Crandon, I knew I'd heard that before. Probably in one of our discussion's on

Anywho, good to see you back. Stick around for a while, won't ya ???


- Dave.