How Often do YOU Eat ... Fast FOOD ???


Bench Warmer
I finally watched the movie supersize me ... and i was wondering how many times the people on sportsCardFreaks eat Fast Food???

I Used to eat a Lot of crap some year ago when i was in HighSchool and College , I would get Pizza from 2/4/1 Pizza , PizzaPizza and PizzaHut ... BurgerKing , Mcdonalds Like craZZZZ when the Hockey Cards Came out ... Dammm and its like 1 day away from this years coming out ... uhhh ohhh~
, KFC every Tuesday Of Coarse and id get not 1 , not even 2 but 3 toonie tuesday orders and eat it ALL ...

Just like the guy in the Documentary ... when i ate the fast food a lot i was always Tired , and it would be easy to get depressed therefor you wanting to eat something to make you feel better ... so you go order fast food ... it is quite an interesting cycle.

Since im Fit now , i Rarely eat anything fast food ... the only thing i buy is Subway , with wholeWheat Bread / and no fatty sauces added. its basically one of the ONLY Major so called "Fast Food" places that Can actually be good for you.

SO my Question ... How Often do you eat Fast Food ... What Places do you go and What do you order ... ???

I don't eat McDonalds, BK, any fast food like that, but I do eat fast food (AKA PORTILLOs, IF YOU ARE FROM CHI TOWN YOU SHOULD REMEMBER THIS NAME).