How NOT to ship your cards........


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In this scan are 13 different Ultimate Football Rookie Materials Cards. One of them is /99. Would you like to receive a package like this???? I'm almost afraid to open the team bags ............:mad::mad::mad::mad:


Bench Warmer
chipsfootball1 said:
i dont really undrestand is the tape on the cards?
no toploaders or even penny sleeves just all the cards stuffed in team bags. No Protection for shipping. Now I just opened them and some are missing! I'm highly PO'd :mad::mad::mad::mad:
EDIT: I had 2 large lots coming in, this one is complete and not missing any, however that is no excuse for charging 8.00 shipping and sending them like this :(


that's a bunch of crap

i've gotten one or two from members here, they know who they are. lol

one time, the penny sleeves were taped. i had to cut them open.

sharp blades, near my cardboard gold, i shudder at the thought.

some nights i still wake up screaming