How is the coronavirus affecting your life?


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I thought my family and I were handling this thing pretty good. We've only been to the store when necessary. My wife and I both have jobs to go to, both of which do not allow public access. We've kept our distance from pretty much everyone, in line with the Texas governor's declaration.

Today, though, the sadness of this all, and the emotional toll it's taking on, not just my family but everyone, hit me. Today we went to church. Our church does an outdoor service where everyone parks and stays in, or around, their own vehicle, 6 feet away from the next. Anyways, afterwards, a group of the youth, who usually spend several nights a week at our house, were waving at us and my wife broke down. All she could say was "I miss my kids". I admit, I got a little teary eyed myself.

When we left church we went to take my mother-in-law, who has an autoimmune disease, a mask someone made her and some eggs. Both of my in-laws came out to see us, obviously staying well away from our car. Seeing his grandma, and not being able to give her a hug, my oldest breaks down. Then, of course, my wife again. My eyes were instantly filled with tears.

Folks, this is a sad, and serious, thing that's happening. It's affecting us all, whether we have it, or even know someone who has it, or not. I'm praying for a miracle that this thing goes away. Until that happens, though, please, stay home. Possibly infecting someone else isn't worth it. I know it's hard, but lives could depend on it. All I want to do is visit family without worrying about this and call "our kids" up and tell them what time dinner will be ready. More importantly, though, I want them all to be safe from this virus.


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Me and my family are doing well, we are taking every step to protect ourselves, I'm an essential worker for the Military and I have to work, I ended up taking this week off because I'm literary afraid and just took a week off to be safe for just a week and not sure what to do next, guess take my chances and pray.

Please, everyone, stay home and be safe and prayers to the folks to have to work.


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My wife and I are fortunate. We are retired, so staying in is not that big of an inconvenience. We have no children and have no other family members close to us. We did still find a way each get a head cold, but we are well on the way to being 100%. No Coronavirus symptoms,thank God!

It's a great time to organize my collection!

Mississippi has not been put on full lockdown, but the local communities have been following CDC guidelines. We can get takeout and delivered food, and many businesses have come up with creative Social Distancing procedures (curbside service, a limit on how many people can be inside, marks on the floor 6 feet apart.)

We limit excursions to necessities, and when we get food delivered, we tip well!

Americans are a strong and resilient people. We will get through this!

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I've never seen New York City so empty. No pedestrian or vehicular traffic either way. As an "essential", I am immune from any restrictions placed by the mayor or governor, but I'd rather be immune to the disease. I work for a hospital and even though I do not deal directly with patients, I still have to report in to work. I support the front lines by making sure the Clinical (as well as non-Clinical) systems stay up and running and failovers run smoothly. There is already a report of one of my co-workers having COVID-19 and the offices were sanitized this past weekend.

I already had canned food supplies long before this pandemic, so I brought and shared some with my parents when the panic set in.

This COVID-19 is a game-changer. My underlying issues make me susceptible to have a severe reaction should I catch it.