How did you come up with your username?


I might be crazy.. Proof: I'm the co-owner.
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Mine is the lead characters in two of my fave movies of all time..

Cool Hand Luke, Paul Newman was just so awesome, and the 1980's cult classic, Flash Gordon.. Gordon, played by Sam Jones, was a QB for the New York Jets btw ;)

So, whats everyones story?.. :)
A few of my websites involve the word Mahogany in the domain name. I dont want to share the URL's on a public forum but if anyone is curious they can PM me. :)

Im also incorporated in my state and Mahogany is used in the corporations name..
Well, mine should be fairly obvious. My name is actually Micheal, but Mike for short. My other username, mjda, is a combination of the first letter of my name, my wife's name, and my 2 boy's names.
Mine is kind of a funny story. There was a video game for the Nintendo 64 that came out years ago called WCW/nWo Revenge. Myself, my brother, and a friend changed a bunch of the characters into purple outfits and called them the pWo (purple world order), we all thought it was funny and still make plenty of references to it (our bowling team is even called pWo). And the second half of my name comes from my all time favorite comic book hero the Green Lantern. So I just put them together and called myself pwolantern.
I think you're right.. and thats why I just made it sticky :flapper:

Ken, I had been wondering for a while if your pwo was like the bwo from ECW.. and it was! Cool :D
Mine is slightly obvious my real name is Kirk So the formula is Star Trek fan+ Real Name + Douglas Adams Hitchhikers Fan.

In my early days of interneting the simple "CaptKirk" was already taken in most places (probably by someone claiming to really be Shatner or holding onto the handle to try to sell it to Shatner or Paramount) and I didn't want to be just a number like "CaptKirk2" or "CaptKirk13". In other places I use combinations of my name so often you will see me (usually on non card places) as "klandersen" sometimes "kandersen", "kander" or "klander" sometimes with the 42 added.
Mine's not a great story really. I just use it a lot of different places. Xian=Christian kinda like Xmas=Christmas and the SPL is my old work title (Suicide Prevention Liaison). Even though I don't work in that role anymore, the username just kinda stuck.
Hi, everyone this is f00tball and, im new to this site. I dont know much about collecting cards, as too how to organize them and how to trade online so if you guys could help that would be great thank you.
Welcome to the boards f00tball. What I generally do is just keep all my cards scanned and pictured in a Photobucket, separated by sport, card type (gu, patch, auto), and player's last name. Obviously there are more ways than 1, but that's how I do it. It's also a good way to share with people what cards you have available for trade.