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out of line or ???? Personally, don't blame her for being pissed, not sure how nice it is to call out your teammate but hell, its' all over now. Wonder if she will even show up for the third place game.


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Don't think she really called out the teammate . More the coach . Why would you out of the blue switch up goalies, when Solo had no problems going in ? She had all the right in the world to be pissed at the coach she prob shouldn't of said she was or is better than the other person . Just not really calling her out i think .


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The other goalie had done well recently when she had played. It's not like this whole ordeal caused team U.S.A. to lose. Kinda hard to win when you are down one person the entire game and do not score any goals....no matter who the goalie is. She should STFU.


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My opinion, the comments are absolutely warranted. She earned the starting job and had not given up a goal in 300 minutes of play. Then she gets replaced in the semi-final game by a 37 year old who was a great goalie in previous World Cups. What happens then? The new goalie gives up an own goal and then a second. There is one thing I've learned about about soccer. When you are down 1, you are in a deep hole. When you are down 2, the game is for all intensive purposes, over.

From what I saw, both of the first two goals would have likely been prevented by Solo. She has better range and better presence in goal. Take out the first two and the game totally changes.

I heard the interview. It was refreshing to me to hear an athlete tell it like it is. I thought she was on point with everything she said. I would have felt the same way.


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She should no class in doing that, and her being in the game would have yielded the same result.

I agree the coach made the mistake, but she didnt need to point out the obvious.