Hit eBay pretty hard this week


Bench Warmer
Between some birthday cash and selling that Brady Quinn cap/jsy, I've been able to make some "nice" eBay pickups over the last week or so.

Quentin Jammer 02 Contenders ROY auto /25
Nice card, decent price I guess.

Royal Ivey 04-05 Exquisite Platinum /25
Ended with 0 bids at 9.99 the previous week, didn't want to chance another go-round.

Bo Scaife 05 Bowman Magenta Press Plate
Already got the Black. Great price, was prepared to spend big on this one (especially given some of the auctions below).

Shaun Rogers 06 Bowman Sterling Refractor jsy /199
Braylon Edwards / Troy Williamson 05 Reflections Dual jsy /50
Won on combined shipping with the Scaife Magenta plate. Bid on several 99-centers but only landed those two.

02-03 Topps Black Chris Owens
I have a complete collection of Owens and the Topps Black I have has a pretty bad corner... got this one to replace it, just wish the guy had other cheap stuff I could have used.

Bo Scaife 05 Bowman Yellow Press Plate
So now I'll have 3 of the 4 :cheers: I believe the Cyan went by already but maybe it'll be back around.

Chris Mihm 00-01 Victory Parallel /25
I rarely buy any Mihm stuff, thought I would "splurge".

Ricky Williams / Tim Couch 99 UD Retro Lunch Box
:lollol: Not even sure what to say about this one. There is also an auction for a lot of 6 of the lunchboxes with just Ricky on them for like $25 dlvd which I'll probably hit the BIN on for the heck of it.

Quentin Jammer 02 Private Stock Hobby /6
I've had some near misses on this exact card in the past and always lost to a reserve or a shill bid around $25. I guess the guy gave up. The #2 bidder is a legit bidder I've seen in the past on other Jammer stuff.


Week old post bumping extraordinaire
PM me your addy Matt. I didn't know you did Mihm stuff as well. I dabbled with him in '03 or so, when he cooled off, so I have a few #'d cards and such.

Congrats on getting it all for WAY less than anticipated :dance: