High school buddy moving to San Diego today


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My friend has been in the Marines since we graduated high school. He had been living on base some place up in Washington for a couple of years. Now he's going to San Diego where they have a 68 person long waiting list in front of him for on base housing. So, now the gov't will be giving him something like $1200, which is apparently barely enough for rent....no where near enough for utilities and other bills. As you can imagine, he's not looking forward to barely getting by before being shipped over to Iraq for a year and a half.


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That sucks Stefan. One of my friends is in the opposite boat. They were in Washington on base, but now that they're moving back here to Idaho, the housing is a LOT cheaper...but the base here has a waiting list of about 130 people.


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Is he by himself or does he have a family? If he has a family and needs anything bigger than a 2BR 1200 is going to be kindo of tough. If not, then he should be ok.


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jeremy LionsFanNCali lives there, or at least in the area

that sucks that they can't give them more for housing. Hell the guys up here get almost 2k a month and it went down since the housing started sprouting up. since 9/11 the military has tried to move all active duty on base