Bench Warmer
these baseballs are too valuable to me so if you want to make a offer on them you have to send CHECK FIRST! i will ship ball out when i get cash.... NO SCANS.... i will ignore lowball offers but I WILL DEAL the prices next to some of them are NOT the prices that i am looking for, for them. look on ebay or anywhere else on how much these go for... no paypal or checks or money order i only do cash sorry!the triple crown 1 will have to be check! here they are:

Big Red Machine Signed Baseball (johnny bench,tony perez,pete rose,joe morgan)
Triple Crown Winners Signed Baseball (mickey mantle, ted williams, carl YAZ, frank robinson) saw 1 of these go for $1,000!
1980 World Series Phillies signed baseball ( 17 sig if you REALLY want this just reply and i will give you the names)
Nolan Ryan Signed Baseball
Tito Francona
Shelley Duncan Signed Batting Practice Used Baseball ( i have seen regular signed 1's go for $75)
Ted Williams
Maury Willis
Wally Joyner
Randy Johnson( go for around $200)