HIGH END scans ....... Lebron Auto, AI Patch and 3pt Shot Autos


Bench Warmer
Looking for similar items in return or $$$. High End FB gets first shot. Thanks, Joe


Lebron 04-05 SP Auto No BV


Iverson Patch No BV unless its on OPG


Rip Hamilton 3pt Shot Auto/Jrsy /32


Marion 3pt Shot Auto/Jrsy #/31


Redd 3pt Shot Auto/Jrsy #/22
2002-03 Upper Deck UD Game Jerseys Patch Logos 1 AIPL Allen Iverson N/A N/A

ya there is no bv for the iverson but im interested lmk what bv ur looking to get on it and CMB thanks
dsizemore - Mainly interested in you PC :(

XxViSiOnxX - I think somewhere in the $200-$250 range isn't too far out of range if you look at the prices of the other players that are listed. What are these worth?? Okafor auto, Iggy Auto, bOsh auto, Farmar auto, Bogut auto, Alstott Jrsy, Lebron BGS 9 RC

wow, i highly doubt it will be that high man especially from 02-03, now maybe if it were from 98-99 or 99-00 when gu were new to the hobby thanks anyways.
XxViSiOnxX - Look at the prices of the ones that priced. Just letting you know where Im coming from. If you have a better idea of what it would be worth please fill me in. Im open to suggestions. THanks

dsizemore - Ward AUto, Stallworth Auto, Manning RC, Manning Auto, Namath Auto & Harrison auto. What are those worth. Thanks
sry bro i dont see any others priced in the OPG all are N/A unless im looking up the wrong year but i dont think tho i clicked on one and a pic showed up and looks just like the one u have so i dunno were u got the bv's plmk i would love to see, its not that i dont beleive u its just i dont see anything in the OPG
I was thinking some of them were listed in the mag at $250 and even some in the $400-500 range but I could be thinking of something else I guess. Just for giggles what BV were you thinking its worth?
2002-03 Upper Deck UD Game Jerseys
Patch Logos 1
Patch Logos 2

well being 1:5000 im looking at offering around $80-$100 Bv since there pretty hard to pull

i do have a dual Gu i'de be willing to offer u of Lebron/Carmelo and its a SP also Books $100 lmk if interested.
Here you go:

Ward AUto ($60), Stallworth Auto ($30), Manning RC ($250), Manning Auto ( $100), Namath Auto ($100) & Harrison auto ($50). Joe there is a real good possibility that the Stallworth, Peyton, and Harrison autos are gone. I am awaiting a reply from a guy on those. I did assume that with Manning you meant the Peyton auto. If, however, you were interested in the Eli it is $150. Thanks alot buddy.

TeamKansas said:
XxViSiOnxX - I think it would be higher than that but obviously we are both just speculating :(

dsizemore - Sending PM

well yea, theres no set BV so u can ask for what ever u want, if its reasonable or unreasonable will i guess be up to the person interested, but u think its worth more i bid you good luck on getting what ever ur looking to get thanks.