Hi Everyone


Bench Warmer
My name is Chris, been collecting mainly baseball cards for many years, haven't messed with them in a few years however my 8yr old son shows alot of interest so i figured it was time to get back into it. Hope to come a permanent fixture around here and get to know alot of you soon. :cool:

Hiya Chris! Welcome to the site. Glad to have you on board!! :) If you have any questions, or need help with anything please don't hesitate to give me, or one of the other staff members a shout. ;)

Welcome!! I have an 8-year old and he's getting into football and basketball. What I get a kick out of most is how he thinks that the shinier the card, the more it's worth!! Oh, and gold printing ANYWHERE on the card adds value. Good luck, and have fun!!!
welcome to freaks chris, please join us in the chat room for tade nights, thursday and sunday, 9 pm eastern for trading, discussion, and contests

pop in the room anytime and there's a chance to win cool prizes if you are the first to say hello to certain moderators