Hey FREAKS! EVERYTHING I have .99 cents!!!! UPDATED 12/18


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ok well STARTING at .99...I am selling everything...and really need your help...

SO if you want to help...BID on my auctions....that way I dont feel like I am taking hands outs or charity...and you get SOMETHING for the money you are giving me.... Again I want to thank everyone for their kind words and support during this rough time....it is ALL greatly appreciated!

Anyway...I CONSIGNED ALL of my Marvin Williams cards, to TOM to sell for me...all are rookies...BGS 10 BGS 9.5's 1/1 plates...TONS of autos and game used....AND ALL ARE .99 cents!!!!!!!!!! go check them out HERE!


thank you guys soooo much in advance!

as always you guys make me PROUD TO BE A FREAK!


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LOL I dont care if EVERY card sells for .99 cents

I want ...no I NEED all of this stuff gone.....PLEASE BID ON THESE AUCTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

heck bid .99 on every single auction.....IF you win you got some great stuff for CRAZY CHEAP!!!!!!!!!


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Sorry to hear that man.

I just had a browse thru the listings and unfortunately nothing grabbed my eye BUT if you still have Jordans stashed away, we can do a deal for them?