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Heroes finale


Bench Warmer
I don't know.... I see that sylar is still alive, and my only question is why can't the older brother survive, just fly up and throw his brother :D He will heal himself or just fly down, lol


Bench Warmer
it was pretty good just wish they would have shown what happened to Peter and his brother before they showed Hiro . my big question is, will Peter be back for next season? He was blown to high heaven but with Claires power.....

Also, I wonder if big brother didn't just get him real high in the air and then drop him making a getaway.


And why couldnt someone just shoot Peter and have him regenerate to keep from blowing up? I loved it till the end. Should have a been a 2 hour finale though.



Peter can only do 1 power at a time and it was obvious he was overwhelmed with one so he couldnt fly away.

Plenty of goodness from that show that the season finale SHOULD have been longer.

Disappointed in it overall. Nothing else got answered IMO that wasnt pretty much known or seen comming.

Still a great show and Ill definately be back for more.