help my finish 06-07 finest au rc set!!


Bench Warmer
The 06 07 finest auto RC's in need. LMK.
The red 1's i have

51 Steve Novak D
52 Shannon Brown C

53 Sergio Rodriguez H
54 Saer Sene H
55 Ryan Hollins E
56 Ronnie Brewer D
57 Mile Ilic E
58 Kyle Lowry F

59 Hilton Armstrong D
60 Craig Smith F
61 Will Blalock H
62 Thabo Sefolosha D
63 Rodney Carney C

64 Quincy Douby C
66 Josh Boone D

67 Jordan Farmar E
68 Damir Markota E

69 Cedric Simmons B
70 Allan Ray E
72 Rajon Rondo E

73 Patrick O'Bryant C
74 Marcus Williams A
75 Marcus Vinicius G
76 James White E
77 Dee Brown F

80 Bobby Jones B
82 Shelden Williams C
83 Pops Mensah-Bonsu H
84 Paul Davis B
85 Mardy Collins D
87 Hassan Adams D
90 Andrea Bargnani A
91 Solomon Jones C

92 Shawne Williams F
93 Renaldo Balkman F
94 Randy Foye B (INCOMING)
95 Maurice Ager C
97 Jorge Garbajosa H
98 J.J. Redick F
100 Adam Morrison H
hockeyrules555 said:
I have Sene but it's a refractor does that matter?

They're all black refractors.

I have a Novak and maybe a few more. I'll let you know.

Looking for guys in my sig or PayPal.