Heck yeah, Radulov The Cup 1/1 Auto is mine


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This popped up today & I came close to jumping on the BIN of 499 but the guy had best offer so I tried that 1st. I knew someone else would get it while I waited on an answer, it took a few of hours but he just accepted the offer.


Good Buy? I'm happy with it, that's what a box is selling for & he's one of the big 4 in Hockey Rookies this year. Does blow my budget for the month but hey you only live once.

Ace today that his Radulov Redemption for SPA changed status to In stock & ready to ship so maybe he signed his Cup cards at the same time.

I also pulled a Redemption Gold Patch auto #'d to 47 & a non-auto 1/1 plate of him in my case from CountryC.
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Good for you ineed a SHane O'Brien Cup Auto only 50 signed i got the SPA 1/1 Plate auto last week and a few others but the reg cup Auto is tuff plus money is tight :(


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Great pickup Bud. Radulov is going to be a beast. I have yet to bite the bullet and pick up a Ward from The Cup, I guess I need to jump on that.


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Nice grab Bud!! You do know that this one is a press plate auto and not the shield auto right? He is definitely gonna be a gamer for the team though.