Heading home from the National


Bench Warmer
I'm tired, spent more money than I wanted (at least a G on strippers), and got my ass kicked in Exquisite basketball (Ray pulled a Triple Logoman Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Julius Erving in our case war). However, I made Brett take a lot of my cards home with him to CT for him to sell.

Thanks everyone for the good times. It went by too quick. I'm about to fall asleep at the airport, and my flight is super delayed. There's a weather delay in SF, and the flight is indefinitely delayed currently. SUCKS!


Bench Warmer
you mean to tell me, OUR Brett went to a strip club with you??? holy cow!!!

I am glad you had a great time out there Lisa. I am already looking forward to next year in Chicago (I already have a house sitter for the house I don't own yet)