Trading have low-end autos to trade


I have a bunch of mainly low-end autographs available to trade. If any of them interest you, please email me

2004 Topps Cracker Jack Secret Surprise Signatures

CJA-BG-Brian Giles

2006 Topps Chrome

333-Chuck James

2005 Just Autographs

30-eric Hurley 53-Ismael Ramirez 56-Fernando Nieve 59-Brett Smith

2006 SP Authentic Baseball

238-Mike Thompson

1996 Leaf Signature Series

Marvin Freeman-Bronze Jon Nunnally-Bronze Jeff Branson-Bronze

Leaf 2004 Certified Cuts

271-Jake Woods

2004 Bowman Signs of the Future

SOF-BS-Brian Snyder

2002 Topps Finest

102-Mauricio Lara

2000 Fleer Autographics

Alex Escobar

1999 Team Best

Eddy Furniss

1996 Best

Mike Maurer Richard Almanzar Brett Herbison Lonell Roberts

2003 Donruss The Rookies

31-Jorge Cordova

2002 Donruss Best of Fan Club

240-Antonio Perez

1995 Signature Rookies

6-Marc Barcelo 12-Juan Castillo19-Kenny Felder 42-Todd Pridy

1995 Signature Rookies Future Dynasty

FD5-Antone Williamson

1994 Signature Rookies Draft Picks

18-Cade Gaspar 21-Hiram Bocachica 54-Bryon Gainey 58-Todd Cady 59-Paul-Failla 80-Troy Brohawn

1994 Signature Rookies

25-Justin Thompson 48-John Wasdin (2)

2001 Royal Rookies Throwbacks

9-Kevin Connacher

2001 Royal Rookies Boys of Summer

BOS5-Andy Beal

2000 Royal Rookies High Yield

Jamie Brown

2000 Royal Rookies

1-Ramon Soler(2) 5-Tony Mota 9-Enrique Ramirez 18-Jermaine Clark 22-Christinan Parker 25-Tony Pena Jr. 32-Mark Roberts (2)

1995 Signature Rookies Preview

8-Glenn Dishman (20 9-James Foster10-Webster Garrison 20-Greg McCarthy

23-Izzy Molina (2) 29-Brian Raabe (2)

1997 Leaf Signature Series

Tim Spehr Chris Howard Nelson Liriano Mark Johnson

2001 Royal Rookies Signature Series

2-Eddy Garabito 11-Nick Theodoru 12-Jermaine Clark 13-Chris Richard