Have 35,000 Pre 1999 Football to trade/sell


Bench Warmer
I have over 35,000 duplicate Football "commons" (BV less than $2) that are all manufacturers in the years 1980 through 1999. I will trade for a few, or for a bunch of the same things- commons for commons, that way there isn't any big price thing to worry about.

What a GREAT way to fill the older parts of your collection, or just improve your poor cards!! Send me a small list (dozen or so, of your wants), & I will email back mine in the same mfc, year & group.

If your prefer to buy, then I sell at 20 for a buck. Yes, 20 for $1 (+S & H).

I will even send to you 1st on a Trade, so that you know this is real.

Thanks Ken Johnson (Junior64144)