Has anyone seen this card before?


Bench Warmer
I have this card but can’t find any information about it. No past auctions at eBay. Can’t even find a picture of a similar one in google. Anyone know of market value?



TP9 | VC15
I think I found a little info about this card. This card is from 2000-01, and it could be the SP version, which means you'd be lucky to find one on eBay. Can you tell me what number is on the card?

Here is one from the same set as yours, but I'm not sure which one is the SP version. If yours is number #KBA, yours is the SP and would likely sell for more than the one I've linked here. Otherwise, a little less. Either way, I'd say you've got $600+ there, on up to around $1200+, depending on the number.



TP9 | VC15
Mike, thanks.

I will scan later today and post it. The card number is A-KB.

Then, yeah, yours should be the SP version /8. That's why you're not seeing anymore like it. I'd expect yours to go for at least as much as the rest, and probably more.


TP9 | VC15
Ok, the weird thing is that it doesn’t have an /8 on the card. Would you send it to grade?

I most definitely would if the edges, surface, and corners all looked good. Centering looks like it could be tough to know but the back is probably a better indicator than the front on that particular card. Do you have Facebook? If so, check out a group called Cade's Bulk Grading Service. I'd never send mine to anyone else to have graded, personally.

Also, I'm not sure how familiar you are with grading but with BGS (not sure about PSA) you can always do a minimum grade, which means if it's not going to be at least X, then they'll just send it back to you. There'd still be a charge, of course, but that card is probably better left ungraded than to have a low grade, especially because of centering.